Two Phase Treatment

What is two phase orthodontic treatment?

Two phase orthodontic treatment refers to an approach taken by orthodontists that involves early orthodontic work on a child. Often, a parent or dentist will notice problems with the jaw or teeth very early on during a child’s development. Waiting until all of the child’s baby teeth have fallen out and new teeth are grown in could make treating dental problems more complicated. Instead, at Amazing Smiles Orthodontics, we use the two phase treatment process, which works alongside your child as teeth come in, monitoring and making adjustments as needed. Once a child has all of his/her permanent teeth, the second phase of treatment can be done and is usually much less complicated.

Why is two phase treatment used?

Two phase treatment can help our patients to overcome orthodontic problems that require early and advanced treatments. These include severe cases of the following:

  • Tooth crowding
  • Crooked teeth
  • Protruding front teeth (sometimes caused by thumb sucking)
  • Crossbite
    • Anterior crossbite – when biting, one or more of your upper front teeth rest behind your lower front teeth
    • Posterior crossbite – when biting, one or more of your upper back teeth rest behind your lower back teeth

What does two phase surgery involve?

Phase One (Early Treatment Phase)

Phase one of your two phase surgery involves our pediatric orthodontist working with a patient at a young age to help:

  • Adjust the width of upper and lower teeth
  • Make space for teeth that are coming in/avoiding need for pulling teeth later
  • Monitor bite and ensure proper alignment over time

In most cases, using an orthodontist for early phase one treatment can help simplify the treatments needed later in life (phase two). We often recommend this action if a child appears to have significant dental problems that could result in more serious issues later on if they are not addressed early.


During the maintenance phase, your orthodontist monitors the child’s teeth while all of the baby teeth are lost and permanent teeth erupt. Sometimes, retainers may be recommended to help keep the child’s teeth in correct alignment from any first phase treatments.

Phase Two

Phase two happens when all of the permanent teeth have grown in and a final alignment of the teeth and bite can be done. The goal of this phase is to create harmony between all of the different parts of your mouth, giving you the most comfort and function possible. Using two dental correction phases helps to ensure that you have a long-lasting, healthy smile.

What are the benefits of undergoing two phase treatment?

You can expect the following benefits when undergoing two phase orthodontic treatment with Amazing Smiles:

  • Allows permanent teeth to come in to their natural position
  • Helps prevent tooth wear
  • Helps maintain healthy TMJ joint
  • Teeth are more likely to remain straight and healthy long-term

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