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  • Expert Doctors for Traditional Braces too!

    Dr. Azariy Yusupov and Dr. Irving Eckstein and their staff are wonderful! I just finished my treatment this week after 2 long years of Invisalign trays. Since I decided to get braces as a working professional in my 20's, I was hesitant to get the traditional braces because of their looks. I discussed this concern with them and was pleasantly surprised to find out about Invisalign. My trays were so unnoticeable that a lot of people didn't even know I had them. Doctors have the expertise and the patience to achieve the result you want. I am very happy with my smile now... I highly Recommend them!


  • Overbite Issue Resolved by Orthodontics

    Dr Yusupov is my saving grace. I had a space and an overbite that made me extremely insecure about my smile. Dr Yusupov reassured me at my first visit that my teeth would be amazing at the of it all.. So said so done! My teeth are straight, and my smile is forever changed. The staff is extremely patient oriented, caring, and do everything they can to accommodate you. Thank you amazing smiles orthodontics for making me the happiest woman alive, I can't stop smiling!

    AMANDA L.,

  • Accommodating Schedule

    Loved Dr.Yusupov & his staff !! I wasn't the best with coming to follow up appointments but they definitely worked with me and helped get me on track to reach my goal !! So happy with my smile !


  • Painless Orthodontic Work, Highly Recommended

    Love Dr.Yusupov and his staff I could not have better things to say about them. Quick and efficient, Dr.Yusupov is personable and tries to be as painless as possible. Been going to him for years and now my teeth are as straight as could be! Highly recommend this doctor!! Thank you Dr.Yusupov for giving me a beautiful smile.

    BIANCA M.,

  • Best Dental Office NYC

    By far one of the best dental offices that I have been too. Outstanding care and staff! The office is clean and has a friendly atmosphere. Very thoughtful and understanding, from the very first day of treatment. The Orthodontist spends a lot of time, making sure I understood each step. Providing me with the most comfort each visit. The front desk is very knowledgeable, accommodating in any way possible. A great addition to Mill basin.


  • Review of Braces for Teenagers

    Our daughter had to get braces. We were unsure where to go. Our dentist recommended Amazing Smiles Orthodontics. We met Dr. Yusupov and we immediately felt welcome. He was professional and was excellent with our daughter. She did not fear the procedures because he explained everything whenever she had an appointment. He outlined the treatment and how long she would have to wear the braces. With his encouragement she faithfully wore those bands and we kept all of her appointments. Her braces came off this week and she looks great. We could not be happier, and thank you to his wonderful staff. A job well done Dr. Yusupov.


  • Highly Recommended, Beyond Expectations

    Excellent work done here! Absolutely professional in all ways imaginable. Staff are extremely kind and very efficient. Results were beyond expectations, nothing but highly recommendable service.

    WILL O.,

  • Very friendly staff and orthodontists. Appointments are always on time and quick. Never had an issue. I will be recommending them to anyone else who needs Invisalign. I'm glad I decided to go to them.

    GREG G.,

  • Recommended Tooth Doctor in New York

    Extremely happy with the service provided by Dr. Yusupov. He has a great bed side manner, is very knowledgeable and achieves the greatest results possible. The staff at the office is also very attentive and does everything they can to make your visit a great one. I have recommended this doctor to a few friends and would continue to do so.

    ISFIRA A.,

  • Review of Dr Yusopov

    Dr Yusopov is an amazing person! He provided me with all the questions I had with regarding my teeth. He did a phenomenal job. I surely thank him for his work and dedication. I am now more confident with my smile!

    MEL M.,

  • Amazing Smiles Orthodontics is amazing! Dr. Yusupov is kind, accommodating and takes his patients' concerns/questions seriously. I am always met with the smiling faces of his awesome staff. My experience with this office, and the Invisalign treatment process has been nothing but a pleasure. Can't wait to see the final result of my treatment - thank you Amazing Smiles Orthodontics!


  • The atmosphere is very pleasant and you don't even feel like you're waiting to go to an orthodotist. The staff are very friendly and they take the time to make sure you feel welcomed. Dr. Yusupov is also very friendly and he always takes time to see how you feel about our treatment and if you have any concerns. My braces would be coming off soon and I enjoyed my treatment. I would definitely go back to him in the future for any of my orthodontic needs and I'll always recommend them to anybody who's looking for an orthodontist!

    JADE B.,

  • I went to Dr.Yusupov after making the decision to get braces for my huge gap(s). After a quick initial consultation, he recommended Invisalign, although a bit of a skeptic, I went for it. Literally one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. Nine months later and my teeth are perfect as can be. At first I was not sure that I could get used to the trays but two weeks in and I adjusted. My visits to get my new trays are about 15 minutes long and only once a month. No tightening of wires or food in between brackets. Just take them off to eat, brush your teeth and put them back in! The key is consistency!!!! Wear them at all times and trust me that 4 months in you will notice HUGE transformations.... I cannot thank Dr. Yusupov enough for his invisalign recommendation... Just stick with it and you will glad you did!!


  • The best! Staff is friendly, very very polite. Very professional! Very clean! And well organized office. Five thumbs up!

    SOPHIA G.,

  • Extremely happy with the Doctors and the Staff. I had work done with them, and both my daughters are presently patients. My older daughters experience, was as painless as could be, and never said, she didn't want to go to an appointment. We could call them about anything, and they would be there for us. My younger one is starting her adventure with braces shortly, and is excited about it. We visit the Brooklyn office on a regular basis, but I have been to the Forest Hills office as well. Both are equally welcoming, with a great staff and very nice people waiting to be seen. We have recommended many of our friends, and will continue to do so.

    BOBBI N.,

  • Dr Yusopov has been treating me with Invisalign for SEVERE overcrowding. When I went for my consultation, I was concerned I would be too difficult a case for Invisalign, and having had metal braces twice already in my life (not with Dr. Y) and being an adult, I was self conscious and didn't want metal again. I expected to have a lot of trays (and I did) but wore them diligently and the results have been amazing. about 2/3 of the way thru my treatment, I opted to purchase the Acceledent device since I did have some stubborn teeth that didn't want to move completely. I only use the Acceledent 20 minutes a day and what a difference it has made. Those stubborn teeth have all moved into place so quickly, I wish I had gotten it earlier in my treatment! Dr Yusopov has always been willing to to answer my many questions and address all my concerns and the staff has always been friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Yusopov!

    JANA R.,

  • Amazing Smiles Orthodontics is the place to go for a beautiful smile and a friendly atmosphere. The doctors and staff are awesome. I'm very satisfied and happy with the work that was done. I can now SMILE again with confidence. THANK YOU AMAZING SMILES ORTHODONTICS!


  • I have been a customer for almost 2 years now and I had a very bad teeth. Drs. Eckstein and Yusupov have made it possible for me to have the smile I always wanted to have. They were amazingly professional and their work is superb. I have had many visits to their office over the two years and every single time all the staff has been cordial and friendly! I strongly recommend them for the job!! Thank you everyone at amazing smiles!!

    SAMUEL K.,

  • Best office..incredible staff..amazing doctor!


  • Fantastic Office...Great Staff.. Wonderful doctor!!


  • I was a patient of Dr. Yusupov for two years and the change in my teeth is AMAZING! I've recommended him to everyone I know that has expressed interest in braces. Great doctor! Nice and professional staff! Convenient office hours!


  • Dr. Yusupov was very particular in making sure my teeth were straight after invisalign. I had my braces for about 6 months on my bottom teeth to straighten out one tooth so that I could get a permanent retainer. He was excellent and a perfectionist. I would recommend him for both invisalign and permamanent retainers and braces.


  • I have been to several dental offices, but so far Dr. Yusupov is on the top of my charts. My child is very difficult when it comes to doctors, but Dr. Yusupov put him to ease. He is very good with children and has this versatile skill to make them trust him. I highly recommend parents to go to Dr. Yusupov; not only does he have brilliant skills, but he also is very easy going, cordial, and patient. Thank you Dr. Yusupov!!!!

    Brian W.,

  • Was extremely impressed with the results that I got from Dr Yusupov. Initially, I was told by another doctor that I would need multiple extractions and oral surgery to correct my improper bite in order to get a perfect smile. Went to Dr. Yusupov for a second opinion and he carefully went over my case after a thorough diagnostic examination. Dr. Yusupov along with his superb staff helped me get the smile I always wanted without any unnecessary oral surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Yusupov and Dr Eckstein to create the perfect smile for you and your loved ones.

    Manny K,

  • Let me start by saying this office has the best staff, Gina, Claudia, Sam, Matt you guys are the greatest and a great team makes a great doctor. Now I've seen both Dr. Eckstein and Dr. Yusupov and I absolutely feel so comfortable and they are such nice but professional individuals. I'm doing invisalign and started in January and currently on tray #27 out of #56 so yes sounds like many but I see such movement already and so excited for next year and I actually was going to go with another ortho but I'm so glad a friend of my pointed me in their direction, I drive a hour and I don't mind they are so worth my time. -Samantha D. P.S. Trust me they are great I could go on for hours but hand to just give some key positives. I'm 24 yrs of age clear braces was a must for me and I'm a diffucult case crowding, over bite, overjet and yet they handled me with such care. Thank you

    Sammie D.,