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Invisalign In Forest Hills NY

Invisalign In Forest Hills NY

Dr. Yusupov is recognized across Forest Hills and Brooklyn as one of the Top 1% of Invisalign Providers.
If you need a dentist who specializes in Invisalign in the Forest Hills area ®, Dr Azariy Yusupov is your best choice.

For those who want the benefits of beautifully aligned teeth without going through orthodontic treatment that everyone you encounter will notice, Invisalign® is a series of custom-made, clear aligners suited to adults and teens with minor orthodontic needs. These aligners gradually shift teeth into proper alignment without using braces, and this treatment makes the process nearly invisible.

Patients are given a series of aligners at each orthodontic appointment-typically every four weeks. Each aligner is worn for about 2-3 weeks, before graduating to the next aligner in the series. Invisalign® is a brilliant approach – but it’s not for everyone. A proper assessment will identify the method that is ideal for you.

The Benefits

Those who undergo Invisalign treatment enjoy the ability to eat the foods they want and to easily continue their oral care regimen, thanks to the removable aligners.

The aligners also can be removed for key moments, including photos, speaking engagements and other special occasions. But remember: your compliance in wearing the aligners for the prescribed length of time each day/week/month is key to your treatment success.

Invisalign® is not a commodity. The quality of care and the end results are directly correlated with WHIO is directing the treatment and WHO is planning/writing the prescription for care. A specialist in tooth movement—-an orthodontist—is your best bet for a realistic prediction of treatment outcome and for the best execution of the therapy. We don’t allow a laboratory technician or a non-practicing orthodontist to make our treatment decisions for us—WE do the treatment. This is what we DO!!

Are you considering Invisalign®? Dr. Yusupov and Dr. Eckstein can determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for this innovative treatment and deliver the best care available today.

Forest Hills NY Top Invisalign Provider

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