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We specialize in the latest treatment modalities available to date

For Adults

For Adults

More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment. And they should. With healthy gums and bone structure, teeth can be straightened at any age.

A New Esthetic

Eckstein and Yusupov Orthodontics features clear removable aligners such as Invisalign®, and lingual braces – worn on the inside of the teeth – that can make treatment virtually undetectable. Technological advances add up to a more efficient course of treatment so you can expect a healthier outlook in no time.

Top reasons adults consider orthodontic treatment:

  • Teeth that are crowded or have too much space around them – this may be the result of tooth decay or gum disease
  • Pain or pressure from crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw
  • A bad bite or malocclusions, which cause teeth to meet incorrectly—causing trauma to the teeth and supporting structures
  • Oral-systemic connection: if your mouth is healthy, chances are that your whole body has a better chance of being healthy, too


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