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Forest Hills Stadium Got A Facelift

Forest Hills Stadium Got A Facelift

If you’re a tennis fan or buff, you’ll be pleased to hear the Forest Hills Stadium got spruced up recently.

The US Open has been hosted at this historic stadium, along with The Beatles back in 1964.

There was talk they were going to tear it down and build condos. I don’t know about you, but I love historic venues like this, and am a firm believer in local icons like this staying around, to keep the history of Forest Hills alive.

Summer concerts are fun and exciting to go to with the family, and since the remodel, The Who recently played at the stadium, and the last time they were here was back in 1971.

I am thrilled and excited to go to an event in the newly remodeled stadium. Hopefully this summer.

Upcoming Events Schedule For Forest Hills Stadium

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